Today i installed windows 10 ver 1607 on my macbook air with high sierra 10.13 on it. but i cant find my mac partition via windows 10. I tried repair it with step that suggested in this forum:

How can I make Mac Partition visible in Bootcamp (Windows 10 Anniversary Update)?

so after few tried, i found new partition, there was "Local Disk (D:)" with zero size. Of course I couldnt read my macintosh partition and windows suggested me for format it. so check disk management and found that mac partition still not have file system (RAW). then i realized that High Sierra had new system format that different with HFS format.

So can i make my windows read macintosh hd with APFS format? can someone give tutorial? i new in this type of thing.

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Currently there is no way to read APFS partitions with the tools provided by Apple's Boot Camp drivers or any other tool for Windows.

See also Paragon's answer regarding this topic.


A couple more that can open APFS on Windows are UFS Explorer and TransMac. Both are read only. Have not found any that can write.


Biskus APFS Capture is able to view and copy files from an APFS disk unter Windows. It's a bit pricey, though.


MacDrive offers read-only access to APFS partitions.

(At time of writing the APFS support is in beta state. It is currently only available on Windows 10 and only supports non-encrypted APFS partitions.)


There is a solution from Paragon (Preview, free at the moment). It works perfectly fine for me in read-only mode. I downloaded in, installed. Logged in with facebook account and mounted my Apple APFS partition.

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