As I asked in this post, I could make it that a file in a directory can be renamed automatically, but I have some questions about this action.

  • Where to the workflow files are copied? When I run 'save as', it doesn't seem to show the directory where the file is copied.
  • How is this folder action stored and restored so that it runs automatically when system reboots? In other words, I guess I don't have to rerun automator whenever I reboot, how does this possible?


  1. I found that the automator workflow is stored in "~/Library/Workflows/Applications/Folder Actions/"
  2. I also found that folder action from automator workflow is also registered by running "/System/Library/CoreServices/Folder Actions Setup.app"

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Where to the workflow files are copied?

I don't understand this question.

Is this folder action stored in a system so that it's working even after my reboot?

By default, folder actions are stored in the /Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts folder.

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