This is my first post to this exchange. Being a programmer, I'm a huge stackexchange user and always get my answer so hopefully I will have success here. Apple support stinks.

On windows 7 64bit.

My itunes was working fine and was in mist of purchasing songs, but could not verify my credit card details at checkout and then some error occurred. I restarted and plugged in my iphone and then itunes said it could not connect to iphone until upgrading to new itunes version. Well, I've used the iphone/itunes version before so I knew this was BS. Long story short, I upgraded and now it cannot connect to Apple ID Server. I downgraded version and same thing.

What's really strange is that my iCloud connects just fine.

I went through all the checks Apple suggests...the connection, the winsock, disable firewall, system date, etc, etc...and nothing seems to fix it.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

I know I'm using windows, so don't be hate'n. I am bootcamping on imac so I'm not all bad. lol.

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After some time, I came back to this and tried some other things and got my iTunes connecting again.

On my Windows side, I use GData for my security and it has firewall settings, min-max. I always keep it on max for tight security, but I tried lowering it to one below max and that worked. Oddly, when I disabled firewall altogether, that did not work for me. Also, sometimes I have to lower setting to two below max to get iTunes to connect. Very strange, but it works.

What is really strange, is that I could not connect on my MAC side either, which is not running GData.

I got a work around and I'm fine with that.

I hope this helps someone else.

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