I've been having trouble recently connecting to wireless networks with a login page - the kind you see with Gogo Inflight, many hotels, etc. where you connect to a network, launch a browser, and it redirects you to a login page.

Recently, while talking to tech support for one such network (they ended up just giving me access based on my MAC address), they suggested it was because I had fixed DNS servers, particularly and

Does this make any sense and if so, is there another way those should be set up to allow the detection of redirects?


System Prefs > Network... set to automatic, using DHCP. If that's what you already have set, then go to Advanced > DNS, select each custom DNS server & hit the - key.

There is usually little point to using anything other than the DNS servers allocated by your ISP or any hotspot. Custom DNS is usually a short-term fix for local server issues, not a long-term alternative.

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