The other night I wanted to install iOS 11 on my 6s+ overnight, but I had to accept the Terms of Service to do the installation. I woke up at 5, had to be up by 5:45, and didn't want to miss out on 45 minutes of sleep. I did not want to start the installation for fear of my alarm not going off due to the update. When I was fumbling around with my phone I accidentally clicked the install option, which took me to the Accept Terms of Service screen. I tried to exit out of that screen, but couldn't. So I hit Decline. Now when I go to Settings -> General -> Software Update, it says my software is up to date (10.3.2).

How can I fix this situation and upgrade my iOS now?

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    instead of going with the over the air update, perhaps you can try installing via iTunes. Does the upgrade button show up when connected to your computer via USB?
    – JW8
    Sep 29, 2017 at 17:31

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Just got off the phone with Apple Support: Do a Forced Restart (hold power button & home button until Apple logo appears then release.) Now go back to Settings>General>Software Update.

  • I was hoping to verify your answer before accepting, but I ended up installing the new update. I wasn’t presented with a chance to decline the TOS. Thank you for contacting Apple and sharing your knowledge.
    – drg
    Oct 23, 2017 at 1:37

This is not really a good solution, but when Apple releases another update you get another chance to update your phone.

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