When I arrived at home today, my Macbook Pro was frozen. When I rebooted, the backlight looks like this:

enter image description here

After logging in, I can still see the backlight edges, as if it's turned too brightly, or "burned out".

The model is a MJLQ2. External monitor outputs work fine. I turned off Flux and Night Shift, but the problem persists. Calibrating white point did not fix it either.

Is this reparable and is it covered under warranty?

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Is it repairable?

Yes. The backlight or the entire screen assembly can (should) be replaced. This is something you can do yourself with a replacement LCD and the instructions from ifixit.com. It's basically removing the back panel, disconnect the display and WiFi cables, then detaching the assembly brackets/hinges.

is it covered under warranty?

When did you purchase it? Within 1 year (US) it will be covered. Is you MacBook Pro still covered under AppleCare (extended warranty)? If not, it's likely this will be an out-of-pocket expense.

Check your Apple service coverage to verify.

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