I am trying to updating my macOS Sierra to macOS High Sierra through official installer package from AppStore. The installer started downloading the macOS High Sierra It almost downloaded the OS but its stuck on About one minute remaining

I cancelled this after 3-4 hours after stuck at this point. And again downloaded from start. It again stuck at the same point.

I have macBookPro mid-2012 and according to apple MacBook Pro 2010 and later are compatible for macOS High Sierra update.

What can be the possible issue and solution?

enter image description here

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Given the context of your question, it's unclear if you re-downloaded the installer from the App Store after the first failure or if you ran the upgrade application again. Yes, your computer is supported for the High Sierra update. I have a few suggestions:

  • Delete the upgrade application (go to the Finder and delete it).
  • Re-download the upgrade application from the App Store.
  • Run the application again.

If the problem persists, the solution will probably involve something more drastic. If you have an available flash drive, try making a bootable flash drive installer. Restart and hold (Option) and select the bootable USB disk and hit enter. Proceed through the install process. Notify us of the result and we'll proceed from there :)

Good luck ;)

  • I just ran the installer again. I try re-download the installer. and will be back if it solves my issue. Thanks anyways
    – Mutafaf
    Commented Sep 28, 2017 at 17:06

Normal delay is expected, maybe the server is busy or your OS is searching/installing something that is resource-intensive. Is it finished now ?

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