Does the upgrade from macOS 10.12 Sierra to macOS 10.13 High Sierra remove any extensions, kernel extensions, Applications or settings that are known to be incompatible or disabled?

I looked briefly at /var/log/install.log and see there are over 20,000 lines of things that were logged during the migration and it looks like a lot of things were moved to /Volumes/whatever/Recovered Items but that directory is now deleted and cleaned up.

Additionally, there appears to be a runtime check of this: Sep 10 16:53:56 MacBook osinstallersetupd[514]: Retrieved package com.apple.pkg.CompatibilityUpdate (http://swcdn.apple.com/content/downloads/47/49/031-75970/fhywgjppj47p6n4udnsqtyszmwfwjt78aj/OSX_10_12_IncompatibleAppList.pkg) package that now has a 404 not found error.

Are there places to look for what was removed from a specific Mac post upgrade if there's not a more comprehensive list of things we can check before an upgrade?

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Incompatible items are moved into a folder at the root of the drive when migration or upgrades happen.

The software is moved to a folder named Incompatible Software, at the top level of your Mac startup disk.

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