I used ClamXav to scan my iMac for viruses. Now that I have them quarantined (19 files) do I just put them in the trash? Or is there a different method to making sure these are gone and won't be a problem anymore?

I have attached a pic. Are these just all email/spam/phish?enter image description here


Assuming the infected files have been moved to a defined quarantine folder, i.e., e.g., ClamXav > Preferences > Quarantine Preferences > Set quarantine folder, then in Finder, select the files in the quarantine folder and right-click > Move to Trash, then empty the Trash.

Note: The *.emlx files are the entire email files, as ClamXav cannot just remove the spam/virus/malware/etc. portion of the email. The *.partial.emlx file are partially downloaded email files that contain spam/virus/malware/etc.

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