Sometime in the past if I turned off the power to my Macbook Pro, when I started it up it would ask for a disk password. After that it would load the OS and ask me to select a user to login.

Now when I boot from power it no longer asks for a disk password. It goes straight to asking for a user. FileVault is still on.

How do I get it to ask for a disk password again? I don't want any user to be able to unlock it. I only want myself to be able to unlock the disk. All other users should only be able to use the machine if I've unlocked the disk first.


The proper tool to add or remove FileVault users is fdesetup.

Open Terminal and enter sudo fdesetup list -extended to get a synopsis.

To remove a user by UUID or user name use:

sudo fdesetup remove -uuid <UUID>
sudo fdesetup remove -user <username>

All users removed won't be able to log-in with their passwords at the first password prompt because they aren't listed anymore. The user still exists as OS user though. To login as such a user either has to use fast user switching or log out as FileVault enabled user and log in with the non-FileVault-enabled user.

To reenable FileVault disabled users either use sudo fdesetup add -usertoadd <username> or open System Preferences > Security > FileVault > hit the "Enable Users..." button and enable a listed user.

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