I need to change from another country's App Store to the US App Store as I have relocated. Some apps, like Venmo, are only available in the US App Store. So to download them, I need to change to the US App Store. But to do so, I have to unsubscribe from Apple Music.

My intention is to resubscribe to Apple Music as soon as I am on the US App Store.

My question is: would my downloaded music from Apple Music (not previously purchased) still be there when I resubscribe?

I'd rather not the hassle of having to search and download all the tracks i previously downloaded when i resubscribe.

Is this documented or explained by Apple or someone’s personal experience?

  • Similar but not exact same scenario are here and there
    – bmike
    Commented Sep 24, 2017 at 15:21

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Google venmo for the App Store to change it if you go via browser you won't have to cancel subscription ; now to go back if you don't intend on staying in us App Store you'd have to find an app only available in whatever country/region your needing to go back too hope that helps

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