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In iOS 11, I can't disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi using the redesigned Control Center. It disconnects from any Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices but the radios are still on, draining battery. It also doesn't disable AirDrop either. If I disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi using settings this shows:

How can I quickly disable Bluetooth/Wi-Fi without having to go to settings?

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You could try using a launcher app to automate this step. I know that Apple put in some restrictions on launching these, but there's one claiming to allow "easy access to settings" and it works on my iPhone.

The top two lines give you access to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You could add them to the Notification Centre.

Shortcuts screen shot Notification Centre


As @mikeScott already answered in the comment, you can’t do it with control center.

You have to

  • go to settings > Wi-Fi or
  • use Siri (turn off Wi-Fi)
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    Apple apparently does that so that your phone won't accidentally lose contact for things like Handoff or lose connectivity to your Apple Watch. It's annoying, but you could use a launcher app for quick access. Not perfect and not intuitive but might be worth trying. – Alex Ixeras Sep 24 '17 at 12:29

In iOS 11, Apple makes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth always on to keep certain features intact, like AirDrop. There is no choice but to turn them off in Settings app. Kind of time-consuming.

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