A week ago my Mac stopped booting. It goes till 99-100% and stops. Booting in safe mode does not help. I brought my Mac to restore it. They have reinstalled my OS and restored my files. It was working fine at this point.

But, I need all the programs that are there installed and I have restored everything from a backup and got the same problem.

Any ideas what it can cause and what I can do against it?

MacBook Pro late 2013, macOS 10.12.6

enter image description here

  • This is unclear - when they fixed your Mac, was it working? Then, you restored your files (from Time Machine, I assume) and it stopped? Also, what Mac model and which macOS? – Allan Sep 23 '17 at 10:55
  • Updated the info – BitBeats Sep 23 '17 at 23:03
  • 1
    Boot to Verbose Mode Hold Cmd-V while turning on and see where it crashes. Post that info to your question. Given that the problem manifests after you restore your programs, it's a good bet you have something corrupted there. – Allan Sep 23 '17 at 23:14
  • I have added the output. After that it prints the Finished polling type 1 (or 4) – BitBeats Sep 24 '17 at 9:24

I suspect DSMOS is corrupt.

DSMOS stands for Don't Steal Mac OS and is a kernel extension (kext) that's highly encrypted. If that get's corrupt, there's pretty much no way to recover - you need to do a fresh install.


Do a clean install of Sierra then, using Migration Assistant move your data and programs over. It sounds like you are doing a full recovery - don't do this. Use Migration Assistant.

  • Sorry Allan, your solution do not worked. The "do nit steal..." is still in and the System works. this solutuion worked fine: discussions.apple.com/thread/7787207?start=0&tstart=0 – BitBeats Sep 25 '17 at 0:10
  • I don't understand that comment because it 1) contradicts what you described and provided in your original question, and 2) there are multiple "solutions" in the link you just provided; which one are you referring to? – Allan Sep 25 '17 at 10:04

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