Can anyone reproduce this behavior?

  1. Open the "Messages" app on iOS.
  2. Find or create a message that contains an email@address.com.
  3. Click the email@address.com to start a new email. (The Apple "Mail" app should open a window on top of the Messages app.)
  4. Start typing your message.
  5. Suddenly, remember that you have to copy a link from Safari or some other app, so bring up the iOS app switcher by double-clicking the physical home-button.
  6. Switch to the other app, copy the link and switch back to your mail message.

Where is your mail message?


This is the same behavior I experience following your directions. In addition, the email is not saved as a draft, which would be the expected behavior. Perhaps Apple expects you to start and finish the email without app switching. You should file a bug report immediately.

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