I upgraded to iOS 11 today, and I am no longer able to add another email in Messages. And when I sign out of Messages, I can no longer use a different iCloud account (i.e., iOS will not allow me to edit the email address in the login form).

This option in the circle is no longer available Add Another Email... is no longer available

Is there another way to add another email to Messages?

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To use another iCloud account, please go to

Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and tap 'Apple ID: >your Apple ID<' > Sign Out.

You also need to sign out of iCloud in Settings > iCloud in order to use another Apple ID for messages/iMessage.

Now you can sign in with another Apple ID.

To add another email address you be reached with using iMessage, manage your Apple ID in a browser and add another email address there.

  • It used to be you can sign-in with a different Apple ID in Messages without having to sign out completely or add another email to an existing Apple ID.
    – RHPT
    Sep 21, 2017 at 12:43

@oa- was close.

To use a different Apple ID for Messages

  1. Sign out of iCloud on the device
  2. Go to Messages setting (Settings > Messages)
  3. Login to Messages with the alternate emai
  4. Go back and sign-in to iCloud with your main Apple ID

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