I have a mobile LTE modem that I connect to via Wifi. Whenever I connect via USB (for charging) Sierra opens a /Volumes/Web Connection Finder window. How can I prevent that?

I can't use bless as the volume is read-only.

I also tried setting

defaults write com.apple.frameworks.diskimages auto-open-ro-root -bool false
defaults write com.apple.frameworks.diskimages auto-open-rw-root -bool false
defaults write com.apple.finder OpenWindowForNewRemovableDisk -bool false

but they had no effect.


I haven't relied on this in the Sierra times, but you might get lucky with the venerable unix fstab functionality and removing your default commands that weren't effective:

diskutil info /Volumes/Web\ Connection

Get the UUID and add a line to your /etc/fstab file

UUID=12345678-1ABC-1CDE-1FGH-123456789012 none hfs rw,noauto

There are some more details at https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-7942 covering a nice use of the vifs command which safely edits the /etc/fstab file in place. Some good discussion on the mounting mechanics are at: How does Mac OS X decide which volumes to mount? One of my disks doesn't mount at boot

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