I can't find any substantial documentation for macOS 10.12 Sierra Server with Google.

I've got a couple tutorials (which are entirely useless for my needs), a bunch of marketing info, but what I'm looking for are the PDFs that used to be shipped with every previous version. Or websites with the same thing would be fine. Even a gopher site would be fine.

I'm gathering that some of this is in the Mac Help after installation, but the thing is, I'm researching and brainstorming our migration checklists so we don't break anything. Would be awfully nice to know what I'm doing before I actually install anything.

(Crosspost from https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8070144 because I need this asap)

  • Can you please specify what information you are looking for exactly? Do you need the hardware requirements, port numbers, supported file formats or something else? There is no PDF bundled with macOS server 10.12 in my installation.
    – oa-
    Sep 18, 2017 at 8:58
  • The main thing I need is sufficient details about migration from 10.9, and UI/feature changes since, so I can come up with a checklist that I know won't bork our existing services after upgrading. The link provided in the first answer is what I was asking about; I guess if I need more information, I'll just need to set up a test server, which is rather more trouble than I was hoping to go through. Sep 18, 2017 at 13:17

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Apple does not bundle any PDFs with macOS 10.12 Sierra Server.

A standalone macOS 10.12 Sierra Server installer does not exist. Server.app is just an app which is downloaded from the Mac App Store.

macOS Server App icon

The 'Help' Menu in Server.app has an entry called 'Server Help' which forwards to https://help.apple.com/serverapp/mac/5.3/index.html .

The macOS server requirements are available in the Server Help as well. The checklist Install macOS Server may be helpful as well.


The official macOS Server documentation can be found online via Apples website, latest version being here: https://help.apple.com/serverapp/mac/5.3/

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