I have a corporate MacBook Pro (2015), and it has VMware AirWatch Agent (2.3.3) installed.

I'm fine with that. It is their laptop and I still have Admin rights for my work.

Only thing is... they have locked my Wallpaper with something quite ugly and I can't change it in the normal way. This is literally the only setting I want to get around. Any idea how I could change it without uninstalling the agent?


In general, the success rate of overriding MDM enforced configuration changes is very low. Pragmatically:

  • You can remove the management profile and then make changes as you see fit.
  • You can request your device be moved to a different group under air watch that relaxes that restriction.

There could be a bug you could exploit, but Apple and/or air watch would likely patch that since it would also likely be a noticeable failure.

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