Every time I visit YouTube (or any video-related site like Udemy) and watch a video, my mouse cursor disappears. It only becomes visible after a click. Is this a MacBook Pro 15" issue?

Has anyone experienced similar issues like these: Mouse cursor (pointer) disappears; invisible / missing; fix?

Are there better ways to workaround this bug?

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    Note that my current solution to this annoying bug is hitting the upper edge of the screen (seems >90% reliable). Clicking when you do not know where is dangerous. But my current workaround is also stupid since it often activates the hot corners. If that's the same for you: Maybe edit this as an almost reliable workaround that needs further improvement into your Q (Felt that it would've changed the Q too much.) – LаngLаngС Jan 19 '18 at 20:01
  • To anyone else dealing with this issue, which browsers are you using? – Magnus Lind Oxlund Mar 14 at 14:25

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