I recently got a new MacbookPro with the Touch Bar, I would like to add a button to the control strip that acts like a typical delete key, AKA it removes the character in front of the cursor.

Is it possible to add a delete button without paid software?


Actually, you already can do that without the touchbar :

  • With the regular Delete key can be done by holding down the Function, or fn key while pressing it.

  • By pressing Control + D.

  • You can delete the entire word behind the cursor by pressing Control + Delete or Option + Delete.

  • You can delete the entire line of text or paragraph behind the cursor by pressing Command + Delete.

But if you really want a one-press-button solution, you could use BetterTouchTool (and for $5, is almost a free option...) that allow you to make personalize shortcut ; or simply do an automator workflow to do a delete action (every workflow you make will appear on a section in the touchbar, more info here).

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