How can I crop rotate a video, so that it crops and rotates at the same time. I know that there is an option for this in Photos.app, but it only works for photos. Is there some other application that can be used to do this?

Here is a gif of what I am trying to accomplish:


In case the above isn't clear, what I want to be able to do is:

  • zoom and rotate the video, but only rotate it slightly (e.g. 10-15°) rather than 90° at a time, and
  • also crop it so that the overall video is still square


Using FFmpeg from the .dmg image:

Download from https://evermeet.cx/ffmpeg/, download the .dmg file then use terminal to edit your files, with this command.

cd to the folder with the files.(type cd <space> then drag the folder to terminal)

for example cd /Volumes/MacDATA/Users/he/Movies press enter - drag the ffmpeg(icon in black), and add the code behind.

`/Volumes/FFmpeg\ 87390-gd491d6a/ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -filter_complex rotate=5*PI/180:ow='iw*0.85':oh='ih*0.85' output.mp4`

Using the FFmpeg from brew

Use brew and run brew install ffmpeg.

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -filter_complex rotate=5*PI/180:ow='iw*0.85':oh='ih*0.85' output.mp4`

change the input.mp4 and output.mp4 your filename, change the 5 to your 'degree' for example rotate=10*PI/180 and reduce the scale (0.85 thing) to maybe 0.75 for 10 degree.


Final Cut Pro should be able to do this. That app is the Swiss army knife of video editing on Mac. You could animate a transform of your clip. First, in the Video inspector, open up the Transform controls and position your video how you want it to end up.

Here's how to animate that transform. You can set a keyframe for the beginning and ending positions of the clip, and Final Cut will animate the frames in between.

Final Cut Pro isn't free, but it does have a free 30-day trial. Just go here.

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