Is it possible to lock the iPad's screen by using a keyboard shortcut, when using a BT keyboard, or the SmartKeyboard?

Cmd+Shift+Eject as on the Mac does not work. Holding down the Cmd key also does not show any shortcut.


At this moment it is not possible with a keyboard shortcut. Some third party keyboard has dedicated buttons for locking and more...

I highly suggest you give this feedback to Apple!


I was able to figure out Control + Command + Q seems to work on the new iPad Pro keyboard to lock it.

  • I confirmed this works as well on an old iPhone 6s running iOS 13. It's possible it works on earlier versions of iOS as well. – Oran Dennison Oct 16 at 16:48

Right now it may be possible if you have Fn key on your keyboard.

Just click Fn + L and the screen will be locked.

This works on my bluetooth keyboard(Logitech K375s), but I'm not sure whether it works on every keyboard.

  • It doesn't work on my old Magic Keyboard... – Arne Nov 7 '18 at 12:54

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