Skype ( on MacOS (10.10.5) keeps 600Mb in the two caches below, are these both deleteable without any negative effects? Can I prevent Skype doing this with any (Skype or MacOS) config setting? or do I just have to write a crude wrapper which monitors/purges these regularly? EDIT 1: wrt effect on performance, Skype keeps large disk caches, and crashes regularly, which may well lead to fragmentation.

348M    ~/Library/Caches/com.skype.skype/<username>/SKAvatarCache
213M    ~/Library/Application\ Support/Skype/<username>/media_messaging/emo_cache_v2

Related to the second: How do I prevent the Skype emoticon cache emo_cache_v2 directory from being populated with automatically downloaded images?

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There's no need to delete these files, but there's no "harm" if you do.

  • The SKAvatarCache holds thumbnails of your contacts for quick access without downloading each and every time from the Internet

  • The media_messaging/emo_cache_v2 holds the animated emoticons for faster rendering.

You can delete, but these files will be recreated when you view and/or message with contacts. It's nothing that should be of concern that would require periodic maintenance.


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