So some things I figured out already like open this file/folder/app etc.

What more can I ask Siri on my MacBook Pro?

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Siri can do all kinds of things, like alter system settings, open applications, check storage on iCloud, and more. Here’s what OS X Daily has gathered up so far, though some of these double-over on iOS as well:

  • Put my computer to sleep
  • Activate the screen saver
  • Make the screen brighter
  • Make the screen dimmer
  • Is Bluetooth on?
  • Turn Bluetooth off / on
  • Lower the volume
  • Increase the volume
  • Show me privacy settings
  • Show me location settings
  • Show me network settings
  • What is my desktop wallpaper
  • I forgot my iTunes Password
  • How fast is my Mac?
  • How much memory does my Mac have?
  • How much free disk storage is available?
  • What is my Mac serial number?
  • What OS version is this?
  • How much iCloud storage do I have?
  • Open Mail application
  • Open Safari
  • Open Messages
  • Open the website for OSXDaily.com
  • Open the webpage (site name or site URL)
  • Send a message to (name) saying (message)
  • Open the Documents folder
  • Open the Pictures folder
  • Show me files named “screen shot”
  • Show me files from yesterday
  • Show me image files from last week
  • Show me documents from two days ago
  • Show me what I was working on yesterday
  • Show me my music
  • Play (song name) in iTunes
  • What song is playing?
  • Skip this song
  • Remind me to call (name) in 20 minutes
  • Show me pictures from last October
  • Show me my photos from Hawaii

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