I cannot delete a menu extra icon from my macOS menu bar.

If I click the command button and drag it off of the menu bar, it shows a circle with a line through it, which is an indicator to me that this action is not possible.

It is from the Malwarebytes program which I deleted, and the program is definitely no longer functioning. Is there another method of removing this icon from my macOS menu bar??

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Only first-party menu bar apps can be ⌘-dragged off the menu bar.

To remove third-party menu bar apps, you should refer to the specific app settings.

For Malwarebytes, you can turn off the menu bar app from Malwarebytes preferences → Hide application icon. To properly uninstall Malwarebytes if you no longer want the software, open Malwarebytes, and go to "help" > "uninstall Malwarebytes".


If you moved to trash for deleting the app and the icon is still sticked in menu bar;

Go to > Activity Monitor -> Search for FrontendAgent and double click on it click Open Files and Ports tab.

You ll see the Malwarebytes source path like /Library/Application Support/Malwarebytes/ Open the terminal:

sudo rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Malwarebytes/ replace this path with have you seen in Activity monitor screen if not the same one and run the command.

Then Quit the job from activity monitor.

Thats all.

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