Is it possible to access photos from iPhone iCloud backups without loading them onto a iPhone?

After losing my phone, I purchased a new iPhone with less memory. I was able to partially restore my apps and photos on to this new iPhone but not completely due to lack of space.

Now I have a situation where several hundred photos are stored in a iPhone backup but I have seemingly no way of accessing them without purchasing a iPhone with the same memory as the previous one.

Is there any way around this?

(I have looked into a few of the third party tools like 'iMobie phoneRescue' or Dr Fone and if anyone has any first hand experience using these I would be interested to hear from you)


If you have a copy of the backup, there are a couple of ways to get these back.

  1. Free http://www.itunesextractor.com/extract-photos-from-iphone-backup.html

  2. Paid https://www.imobie.com/phonerescue/

I would make a backup of your file, then try the free one first and if that doesn't work try the paid version if these photos are important.

Hope one of these will work!

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If you're using iCloud Photo Library, you can access your photos through icloud.com or the Photos app on your Mac (if any).

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