I use shift+cmd+x to delete line in editor vscode but sometimes I accidentally click shift+cmd+c to open a terminal.

How I disable or remove this shortcut shift+cmd+c global?


As far as I know, ⇧⌘C is not a system-wide global shortcut, so it sounds like something Visual Studio is doing. It probably has a way to disable it within the application, but if not, you can try to remap it to something else (this works for any application where the thing you're triggering is a menu!):

  • Open System Preferences, and go to the Keyboard pane.
  • Head over to the Shortcuts tab, and then App Shortcuts.
  • Hit the plus button, and enter the name of the "open in terminal" menu item exactly as it appears.
  • Put in some other shortcut that you want to trigger it with.

(This works even when the menu you want to trigger doesn't usually have a shortcut. Unfortunately, it only works if the feature is a menu item.)


(Unfortunately, I probably can't release this as CC-BY-SA as per the content policy, because it's a screenshot of copyrighted proprietary software. But I don't see anyone else worrying about this, so....)

  • +1 as this made me realise BBEdit was adding a dumb shortcut, not macOS May 4 at 18:18

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