On the Amazon site, it says:

Click on any word or click and drag over a passage to create a highlight or add a note within a book. Once you've selected text, a pop-up box gives you the option to Highlight, Add Note, Copy, or the More dropdown menu.

But that doesn't seem to work in the Kindle application I have on my Mac.

Is there a way to add a note in a book in Kindle for Mac?

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You have to download the latest version (1.8.1 as of this writing) directly from Amazon, the updater doesn't seem to pick it up automatically.


I was moments from posting

"I also have the same question.
I have just downloaded the latest version, so it can't be that reason..."

...then I figured out the problem in my case:

Even though I was viewing text, it was in a graphic. Text in the book worked just fine. It was the graphic that didn't let me annotate.

Best of luck!

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