I am looking for a formula which will compare the higher of two numbers in adjacent columns, and count the result of where in e.g. column B the value higher is than column C.

It would be really amazing if there was a way to limit the result to where an X is in column A. So, looking for, the magic formula for: X in A, whilst counting the highest numbers of B, compared between B and C.

  1. Fill column D with the following formula:


    Replace X with the number you wish to check for. This formula checks each row, returning true if the row's A column contains X and if the number in B is larger than C.

  2. Enter the following formula in the cell for the result:


    This counts how many rows returned true for the previous formula.

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  • @TWho great! Mark it as answered for the benefit of others. Cheers! – bjbk Aug 29 '17 at 1:50

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