I need help adding another rule to my formula, I need it to also say IF U17 and X17 both have 0 in them, then leave blank

Formula Y17 IF(OR(U17="",X17=""),"",IF(X17+V17=U17,"Push", IF(X17+V17>U17,W17,T17)))

If two cells have 0, then leave blank and also if two cells are blank to leave blank


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If I understand what you are trying to accomplish, the formula can be simplified to this:


Since 0 resolves to false and OR takes Boolean values, just check for 0 in both cells and return the empty string. (If both are false then the true event is not evaluated.) Otherwise, if both are empty, the IFERROR will return the empty string as, for some reason, an empty string in Numbers is not treated as a Boolean false like in programming languages such as JavaScript.

See the example below. This will work in Numbers on macOS or iOS.

Table showing results of formula


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