I use multiple sound inputs and outputs. For example, for outputs I have my internal speakers, Air Parrot, and Bluetooth speakers. For inputs I have my internal microphone, Line In, Air Parrot, and a Bluetooth microphone.

To switch between these I go to Sound Preferences and select either the Output button or Input button and then select the device I want to use and then close the Sound Preferences.

Is there a quicker way?


Yes. You can select any connected device via the Volume icon in your menu bar.

To do this, hold the option key down first before clicking on the volume icon. This will give you a choice of both Output Devices and Input Devices and you can just use your mouse to select the device you want. You can also use this as a quicker way to open your Sound Preferences directly.

NOTE: If you do not have the volume icon in your menu bar, you can enable this in your Sound Preferences.

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