I am filming using the iPad, and find myself in need of a microphone for long-distance shots. And so, I think to myself, I will use the built-in microphone on my Bluetooth headset! I can pair up with the iPad, tape the headset under the shirt of an actor, and record video with the headset as the audio input!

Or so I think.

It turns out, while the iPad (and, it seems, all other mobile devices) will use the headset as the audio input for speech-to-text and for phone calls, it refuses to use it for recording of any kind. Wired headphones with microphone capabilities work for recording, but not Bluetooth headsets.

I have been on an odyssey through the interwebs in the past two days, and cannot find a way to record audio from my Bluetooth headphones. Please, please, somebody help me out here.

P.S. The headset is the Canbor BH101

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