I would like to print out the lists and tasks that I maintain in the Reminders app.

I can copy the text or take screenshots and paste them to a program like Word, but… Is there an easier approach?


You can achieve this using AppleScript on your Mac. Press ⌘ cmd space and enter Script Editor. Create a new script with the following code in it:

set _body to ""
tell application "Reminders"
    set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "\n"
    set _body to (name of reminders in list "Tasks" whose completed is false) as string
end tell

set _output to "Macintosh HD:Users:YourName:Desktop:List.txt"
    set _reference to open for access file _output with write permission
    write _body to _reference
    close access _reference
on error
        close access file _output
    end try
end try

Replace Tasks with the name of the list you want to print, Macintosh HD with the name of your startup drive, and YourName with your username.

This will place a file named List.txt on your desktop with all those reminders ready to print.

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On the iPhone/iPad, CalPrint (iPad) does this

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