Is there a way to use punctuation in Siri dictation? For instance, if I tell Siri to text someone "want to meet for dinner?" - it won't track inflection, right? How can I add the question mark via voice?

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To get Siri to use punctuation, you only need to speak the punctuation during the composition of your message. For example:

Hi comma how are you question mark did you see the game last night exclamation point question mark.

Speaking that exact line to Siri would equate to the following message:

Hi, how are you? Did you see the game last night!?

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    What would really impress me is if you could say "interrobang" for that last mark. :)
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CrushApps has a comprehensive list of commands and punctuation that Siri understands.

Here's a short summary as requested by Daniel. These are the ones I find most useful day to day.

  • "all caps on ... all caps off": "I am so all caps on hungry all caps off I could eat a horse" -> I am so HUNGRY I could eat a horse
  • "exclamation point": "You're the man exclamation point" -> You're the man!
  • "question mark": "What was that question mark" -> What was that?
  • "smiley" or "smiley face" or "smile face": "smiley face" -> :-)
  • "winky" or "winky face" or "wink face": "wink face" -> ;-)

But there are many more that include a surprising amount of edge cases. It's possible to dictate the following sentence: "The number, "pi", is ... 3.14 (approximately)."

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    Can you summarize any of that here, or is it too long?
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Apple has added the complete list of punctuation you can dictate to the Knowledge Base.

Mac Basics: Dictation

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