Is it possible to start the Finder process from Terminal? If so, what would be the command?

  • The Finder is started at login and runs all the time a user is logged in so it is open all the time. What exactly are you after? – mmmmmm Aug 14 '17 at 17:44
  • It is possible to quit the Finder in any number of ways. You can even add the Command-Q option to the user interface by typing in this Terminal command: defaults write com.apple.finder QuitMenuItem -bool true – IconDaemon Aug 14 '17 at 18:34
  • I had set Finder to relaunch but it would not turn back on after shutting off. The issue was caused by this issue: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/176270/… – ColorCodin Aug 15 '17 at 19:43


open /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app

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  • You can also open the current working directory in Finder with open . – Raine Revere Jul 18 at 20:23

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