Last night, I was working on Photoshop and it said my scratch disc was full which, after looking it up, meant my startup disc was full. I went through and deleted a good 95% of my photos, all the apps I never use that MacBook doesn't deem necessary (because Chess is very necessary), a lot of my documents, etc., etc., etc. After that, PhotoShop worked for me.

I was working on it again today, and it said my startup disc is almost full once again? Hardly anything has changed last night. What does this mean/what do I do?

  • Hi emauma - could you please try reinstalling macOS? [directions here] This should clear your computer drive caches and fix up everything. You will not lose any data, but macOS apps you deleted will be reinstalled. Please reply to this comment if this works. – Jackson1442 Aug 8 '17 at 22:13
  • Hi Jackson1442, I think it worked! I've only retried what I was doing a few times, but there's been no trouble yet. Thank you! – emauma Aug 9 '17 at 1:24

Reinstall macOS

It looks like cached system files are what's causing your storage problem. Reinstalling macOS will not delete any personal information or files, but resets all system files and restored deleted system apps.

here's what Apple says about reinstalling macOS. I've reformatted the directions below to make your life easier:

Start by pressing the appropriate key combination for what you need. I suggest Command-R: table

Now, using macOS utilities, select Reinstall macOS:

macOS Utilities]

Simply wait until the download and install is complete and your cached files should be cleared, solving your problem.

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