Does anyone know of a way (hack or otherwise) to prevent incoming FaceTime and iPhone Continuity calls, other than disabling both entirely? I still want to make iPhone and FaceTime calls from my Mac.

FaceTime is ridiculously aggressive about incoming calls: It will not only steal your mouse and keyboard focus and tab you out of fullscreen programs, it will also lower your entire system volume and pause your music. This sucks because I get about 4 spam phone calls per day. I don't mind answering legitimate calls on my iPhone.

The focus-stealing problem is the biggest, and I'd settle just with fixing that. I've seen a question about that asked on Reddit but with no answer.

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Have you tried disabling notifications? Or at least turning them down?

Under System PreferencesNotificationsFaceTime, uncheck Play sound for notifications, then change the Alert Style to Banners. Banners shouldn’t steal focus.

FaceTime Notification Settings

You could also enable Do Not Disturb while in fullscreen by ⌥ opt-clicking the Notification Center icon at the far right of your system menu bar. Some apps do this automatically, while others observe the When mirroring to TVs and projectors setting under the Turn on Do Not Disturb header.

This is accessed by going into System PreferencesNotificationsDo Not Disturb.

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    Huh, this seems like something I would have tried. I think it works and will update if I notice it's not doing what I want. Also, nice answer format.
    – sudo
    Aug 12, 2017 at 21:10

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