I am thinking of obtaining an iPod (any generation) for recording slow-motion videos, like the ones that can be shot on an iPhone 5s and above.

Is there an iPod that can do slo-mo, or is an iPhone the only option?


The iPod touch 6 has a camera equivalent to that in the iPhone 6.

As such it is the first (and as of August 2017, the only) iPod that can record slo-mo video, at 120 frames per second in 720p resolution.

The iPod touch features an 8MP rear iSight camera with video which can record in 1080p at 30fps, or 120fps in slow-motion mode that records at 720p.

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    Thanks, and do you know about iPod 5? It makes sense, judging by your suggestion that it has same slo mo feature as iPhone 5s? – Vladimir Despotovic Aug 5 '17 at 16:48
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    Unfortunately the iPod touch 5 is the equivalent of an iPhone 5, and therefore does not support slo-mo video. – user11633 Aug 5 '17 at 17:10

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