Had problem with "Advanced Mac Cleaner". After some effort, and plenty of time, I think I have found and removed all files concerning this malware. My only apparent remaining problem is that the Advanced MacCleaner icon remains in my Launchpad. I really, REALLY don't want to bring any of the amc files back from trash unless I absolutely have to (and would prefer to empty trash entirely after I am sure this whole problem is solved.) Anyone got a fairly easy fix for this final step that a basic laymen (computer wise) like me could implement w/o too much difficulty? Thanks.


Pretty sure this has already been answered here. They used a terminal command to remove the application. This is the command that was listed:

sqlite3 $(sudo find /private/var/folders -name com.apple.dock.launchpad)/db/db "DELETE FROM apps WHERE title='APP_NAME_CASE_SENSITIVE';" && killall Dock

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