Looking to connect 4 Macs to a central Mac Mini that is running as a server (with a few Thunderbolt RAID arrays connected it as data sources).

Network is currently gigabit ethernet, but would like to speed up data transfers. 10G Thunderbolt Ethernet Adapters are still relatively expensive ($300-500) - so I'm wondering if its possible to connect multiple Macs via IP over Thunderbolt?

Apple supports a direct connection between two computers via IP, but is it possible to connect multiple either via daisy chaining them or via some sort of a Thunderbolt hub or switch (if one exists)?

If so, this would make for a relatively inexpensive way to build a 10G LAN network with (mostly) existing hardware and a few Optical Thunderbolt Cables

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Theoretically, yes you can do this. You would need a Mac with multiple Thunderbolt ports like a 2013 MacPro with its 6 Thunderbolt ports. Not sure if daisy chaining multiple Macs together will give you the desired effect.

This link seems to think that it will work but says nothing about daisy chaining only plugging a bunch of Macs into one Mac with a lot of ports.

So it seems that it is safe to plug a bunch of Macs together VIA thunderbolt which opens the door to you experimenting with various topologies to find one that does what you want.

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