need to do a live demo of an ipad app to be shown on a projector. tried using a flip cam but there is a ton of reflection / glare. i've seen folks put the ipad on what looks like an overhead projector with a camera attached to the top, so the ipad sits flat on the table area and the camera is on an arm above it pointing down.

anyone know what this setup is or what type of camera is used and where to get it?


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  • photo.stackexchange.com is a great place to look for specifics on how the pros do it. Google Peter Belanger as well - he's known for doing stunning Apple Product shots. For regular folks, get a polarizing filter and the flip or any camera will do a much better job. – bmike Oct 27 '11 at 15:16

First, you need to soft your light source by using light softener or light diffusor. It either can be bought in photo store or you can DIY.

And second, antiglare film over iPad screen will add to a better picture.

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