I have a Mac OSX host and an Ubuntu guest VM (via VirtualBox) and the guest VM needs access to an ethernet device (a GigE camera) that will be plugged into the host via an ethernet cable and ethernet/thunderbolt adapter.

I have successfully booted my guest VM and can access the Internet fine using the default settings and NAT. The internet is coming to the Host machine via WiFi.

When I plug this camera into the host computer, the camera shows up in the System->Network Preferences pane and is assigned an IP address. Additionally, when I run some test software on the host, it is able to discover the camera at the same IP address reported in the System-Network Preferences pane.

I basically need this same behavior in the guest - need the guest to behave as though this ethernet camera were plugged directly into one of the ethernet ports on the guest machine.

So far here is what I have done:

Thru VirtualBox GUI interface, Settings->Network, I have enabled a second network adapter, set to "Bridged Adapter", and with "Cable Connected" box checked. Initially when I log into my guest, and run ifconfig I simply see that there is indeed another network interface (logical name enp0s8), but it has no IP address.

Also note that the camera does not need access to the internet.

What do I need to do to get this ethernet device to show up in my Guest VM??

I feel like I must be missing a basic networking concept. Any insight would be helpful.

  • I think you need to bind the 2nd network adapter as physical hardware to the vm. That way the vm can manage the interface itself and should recognize the camera. I can't test that on my mac but that should be possible. – rwenz3l Aug 3 '17 at 10:30
  • @rwenz3l do you have any idea how to bind the 2nd network adapter as physical hardware to the VM? That is exactly what I want to do. – tbc Aug 3 '17 at 18:04

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