I am using an external keyboard which is a Windows keyboard. I am not able to use copy and paste command with ctrl and there is no command key or the option key in this keyboard. What is the shorcut for copy paste or cut paste on such keyboard?

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The Windows key will operate as the Command key, so cmd-c is win-c.

Further, the Alt key will operate as the Option key.


In macOS the copy command is invoked by the key combo command + C. The Windows key is normally the command key. As your keyboard does not have a command key you can map that key behavior to another key.

To swap the behavior of keys, go to System Preferences --> Keyboard --> Modifier Keys, select the right keyboard and set the desired behavior per key.

An option would be to set your alt \ option key to act like command and have your Caps Lock act like alt \ option.

enter image description here

Alternatively you can use Karabiner-Elements to set more advanced key remaps.

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