Is there a way to mark a road as Closed in Google Maps Directions on a mobile phone (iPhone but likely to be the same on Android)?

So that the itinerary is changed, avoiding that closed road.

enter image description here

Note1 on the desktop version the road is to be "report as closed", but didn't see that on the mobile version.

Note2 any other solution that makes Maps avoid that road is welcome as well.

  • There is a workaround: Mark it as closed on the Waze mobile app. As that is owned by Google it feeds into Google Maps. – Chenmunka Jul 31 '17 at 12:07
  • Are you sure? Yesterday met a road that was closed in Waze by someone else, but G Maps didn't have it.. – e2-e4 Jul 31 '17 at 13:07

Unfortunately you can’t report a road closure when using directions.

You can do it by going in Contribute tab > Edit map > Report a problem with map data > Selected the road > “Closed Road”.

Note that it won’t be closed on the map until an employee verifies it manually (it can take up to a month).

As @chenmunka suggested it you can also report it as closed on Waze, some of the closures are shared to Google Maps.

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