I had a macbook pro 2016 and had problems with the key "b", which produced "bb" about 1/3 times I hit the key. After reparation and several months later, I had the same problem with the letter "n".

I now own a macbook pro 2017, and I feel I have the same problem with the key "m", but maybe with an occurence of 1/40, which make it much harder to demonstrate.

It's always the same zone on the keyboard, I was wondering if several people had the same problem ?

  • I had this once and a NVRAM reset cleared it completely for me: (a restart using <cmnd - option - p - r > wait for 3 sets of startup chimes.) – Solar Mike Jul 31 '17 at 6:33
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    When I type using the 'n' key on the macbook pro 2016 15" with touch bar keyboard, it prints twice, sometimes it does not print, even the caps lock key misses the press the first time and needs to be pressed twice. The feeling on the keyboard keys is not uniform. Apple care had no clue about these problems. They asked me to dump the machine with them for at least 2 weeks and then they would do a hit and trial, if nothing works then they would replace the top. So much harassment for a $4500 machine, Apple is no more the same brand you could trust. They do not want to understand customer anymore – Varun Agarwal Aug 9 '17 at 20:18
  • @VarunAgarwal Ha! I have the same problem with the letter nn – FooBar Feb 21 at 18:35
  • I've got the same with he "b" key, and apple wants $1015 to replace the keyboard... – Jthorpe Feb 24 at 22:46
  • More discussion here: ifixit.com/Answers/View/402016/… – vaughan Mar 3 at 13:08

I have the same problem. I gradually started noticing double key presses for few keys showing up in the text I typed. The offending keys are: i, t and e.

How to reproduce

  • I went to Keyboard > Key Repeat > Off.
  • When I press down the i and then slide my finger from the left edge to the right edge of the key, it triggers more keypresses.
  • If I key my finger still and press down with more pressure, it sometimes triggers more keypresses.

Pressure seems to be important. If I rub lightly it doesn't happen as much.

I wonder what is causing it. I hope its dust. I will clean my keyboard tonight. But seeing as they all occur in the same row, maybe its something to do with the circuitry - I have to research more about how the keyboard works.

Sprayed my laptop keyboard with a lot of pressurized air. Did not help at all. the T and I keys are still consistently causing issues.

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    I also have this issue, and tried to address it using software: try Unshaky, in case you want to try it. – xhg Jun 21 at 12:37

Finally, if anyone had or has the same issue, Apple is replacing the keyboard free of charge / refunding the past repair : https://www.apple.com/support/keyboard-service-program-for-macbook-and-macbook-pro/

The current range of MacBook Pros seem to be suffering from this problem with the keyboard. To the point where they have released this technical note about how to attempt a fix.

But a recent article has brought this to the forefront of the tech-news, and as a result Apple may be forced to take more action on this obvious design flaw. It has reached the point where there is even a song now.

I also had a problem with the L key on a new laptop at work. Spare a thought for those of us who live in a country that has no Apple stores. From here in Thailand, any repair that requires a return means a three-week (at least) trip to Singapore. It's still under repair, and we are still waiting for it to come back.

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    I also have this issue, and tried to address it using software: try Unshaky, in case you want to try it. – xhg Jun 21 at 12:37

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