I imported a large OPML file to a Feedly (a RSS/source aggregator web service), and the import got messed up. I now need to delete the entries on their website using Google Chrome, but there is no way to bulk delete.

Instead of manually clicking almost a thousand times, I'd like to quickly automate a Left-Mouse Click and loop it for as many times.

The reason I'm stating my specific use-case is because I am unlikely to ever use this particular automation again. I need a quick and dirty solution.


What is indeed the fastest and easiest way to record and repeatedly perform a mouse-automation tasks, in macOS Sierra?


I took a stab at macOS Automator's Watch Me Do but really didn't get it to work with Chrome as it seems to interpret Left-Mouse clicks as "Drag the scroll thumb in the scroll area" (??)1.

I also investigated some third-party options like Keyboard Maestro and Murgaa (not endorsing any of these, nor have I tried them), as well as some scripting alternatives like CliClick but I must admit that learning how to script with these utilities feels a bit cumbersome right now.

I'm preferably looking for a reliable, and free, Mouse/Click Automator circa 2017 with a GUI. Is there something like that which is recommendable? Or should I tinker more with Automator or something else?

1I've added Automator to the macOS Accessibility settings.

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I know you already rejected CliClick, but what if the script was provided for you? It’s actually quite simple. In Script Editor enter the following:

tell application "Google Chrome"
    repeat 500 times
        do shell script "/Users/<you>/Desktop/cliclick c:" & "1694,18"
        delay 1.5
    end repeat
end tell

Replace 1694,18 with the actual coordinates of the button you want to click. Those can be obtained by pressing ⇧ shift ⌘ cmd 4 and hovering your cursor over the button.

Also replace <you> with your account name, and adjust the delay as appropriate, to account for any animation or form postback.

Obviously this is all assuming the click occurs in the same spot each time. Your question doesn’t specify, although I get the sense that that is the case. Otherwise it would be very hard to script as a repeating click.

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    An answer very scalable to other situations : nice. got my vote.
    – Solar Mike
    Jul 31, 2017 at 7:35
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    Thanks for providing the script! Given that, this was a very reasonable solution. Just for the record: I downloaded CliClick with Homebrew, and the path to be used is probably then: /usr/local/bin/cliclick. As your answer suggests, this only works if the button to be pressed is at the same location. Else it would be better to use Selenium according to CSS/XPath etc (as suggested by another answer). Lastly, I think it would be in the community to add answers for a completely GUI solution, but I'm accepting this answer.
    – P A N
    Jul 31, 2017 at 8:32
  • 3rd party scripts like these no longer work for security reasons.
    – Spankied
    Aug 1, 2022 at 6:42

Selenium isn't intended for this purpose, but likely could be scripted to solve your problem.



on MacOS this worked for me:

First install cliclick:

brew install cliclick

Then run this script:

for i in {1..20}; do cliclick c:1410,290; sleep 1s; done

This will trigger a mouse click each second at coordinates 1410, 290. The script will repeat 20 times.

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