Can I charge Apple magic mouse 2 using iPhone lightning Qi wireless charger adapter and pad? It seams like it should work in theory, but I wonder if there is some kind of compatibility or feature with the mouse that would prevent this.

More info: Sorry, for lack of details, looking to use something like these:


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    Welcome to Ask Different! :) Can I suggest you edit your question to include details of what iPhone lightning Qi wireless charger adapter and pad you're actually referring to? Please note though, if you're referring to pre-release Apple hardware then your question will be off-topic on this site until it is released. – Monomeeth Jul 28 '17 at 22:08
  • Sorry for lack of details, I think these should be compatible with the current model magic mouse 2. – Jozef Pietrzak Aug 3 '17 at 15:59

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