I have a folder containing scripts and files they operate on in a root folder /data. I would like to have them automatically backed-up as they get updated but I can't move them out of /data, as that's the folder most scripts use to locate their files. Is there a way to do this?

I use macOS Sierra Version 10.12.4. Thanks!

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    I don't use iCloud for documents, so I can't test this, but have you experimented by putting an alias, (or by creating a hard link,) to this folder in the Documents folder to see if iCloud will back it up that way? Just a thought – IconDaemon Jul 25 '17 at 12:17
  • @IconDaemon thanks for you comment! It's a great idea, but unfortunately aliases / symlinks don't work with iCloud, and hard links have serious problems when used with GUI. – GingerBadger Aug 1 '17 at 21:36

I've come up with two solutions:

  1. Using Google's Backup-and-Sync app, which allows you to select which folders to automatically sync with Google Drive (this doesn't use iCloud through)
  2. Using cron, a MacOS / Linux command-line program, to automatically rsync your directory outside of iCloud path and its copy in the iCloud folder.

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