On a fresh installation of macOS, I decided to use XAMPP (I have previously used MAMP (free ver.)) but I have encountered some simple issues.

  1. The general tab shows IP address but my system IP is Why is the IP different by default? And how can this be changed to use the same? The "go to application page" loads dashboard on but I'd like to use the localhost on some port like localhost:8888 /

  2. Trying to open phpmyadmin returned an access forbidden page ("... New XAMPP security concept: ..."). I looked up about it in google which showed results suggesting to edit the configuration file to allow external access. I'd like to keep it to localhost, so I guess the IP has to be changed to localhost. How can that be achieved?

  3. Unlike MAMP, there is no option to set the port within the application, so I tried to look for the httpd file in `Applications->XAMPP->(show package contents)->contents->... but did not find the file. So where are the configuration files?

P.S. Do not suggest to turn off the system provided apache server (sudo apachectl stop)

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I think the problem is that you installed the XAMPP VM version that executes a virtual machine on macOS. Check on the XAMPP website and download the normal version. Hope this is the case and that this info helps.

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