I've just switched to OS X and am struggling to find a good, easy to use, and preferably free/cheap newsgroup reader. Does anyone have any good suggestions?


Unison is very nice but not free. An alternative is OSXnews. May not be as polished as Unison, but it works and it is open source.


Unison by Panic is quite good. It's fully featured and looks nice but the UI is a bit wonky at times.



"Cheap" is a relative and subjective term, but if you want good, then I highly recommend Unison by Panic Software.


I use MacSoup on Lion. It appears dated and some functions like filtering are not as easy to use as they could be, also it can only deal with one newsserver. However it has a very good way of displaying and managing threads which outways its limitations


SeaMonkey is pretty good and it is for free. It is a Firefox-based all-in-one internet suite application featuring a web-browser as well as e-mail, newsgroup, IRC and RSS clients, but it can be set up to only display the newsgroup reader on startup in the preferences under "Appearance".


I use NetNewsWire. It is free and there is a paid version. It syncs with google groups as well.

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    A RSS reader isn't a Usenet/newsgroup reader. – Daniel Oct 25 '11 at 16:51

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